Sunday, August 17

travel diary: the stockholm archipelago

soo, lost natural paradise, anyone? We lived cheap and insanely comfortably with this awesome guy and two cats, here. We hung around reading books, eating simply, swimming from the little dock and looking at the forest. We went biking to the beach, Lille Sand on Ingarö, where we chose to camp on the rocks and swim from there, instead of sharing the beach with all the little families. It is easier to swim from rocks, than you would think. We took a ferry to Sandhamn, where we found a time pocket of Sweden as it used to be. Walking through the forest to the little beach community of Trouville. Swimming from the cliffs on the very outer part of Skärgården right on the Eastern Sea. Strawberries sold by girls in the street. Red and white houses in the hills with swing sets and views of the ocean. Sailing home in the sunset, I recognised the feeling of home that Sweden leaves on me. And then of course, on the last morning, we woke up to a visit from a family of deer. Hanging in our forest backyard, nibbling on moss. Most definitely going back to bliss.

updated second living room

second living room, you say? All I am saying is that I feel incredibly appreciative of the crazy luxury of having two living rooms - particularly now that both of them have furniture in them. Oh, by the way, this is a really funny pod cast.

Saturday, August 9

one of those people, who...

do you know the feeling of wanting to be one of those people, who do this and that awesome thing? I have that. I am pretty sure that my choice to give attention to this superficial outer perspective on myself brings me out of the moment, but I also have that joyful rush when I suddenly realise that I am one of those people, who... You can call it a guilty pleasure.

I am one of those people, who
...get manic, childish highs from swimming at sunset.
...go to summer houses with friends. improvised ballet, when my boyfriend isn't home.

I want to be one of those people, who
...go on spontaneous road trips into nature.
...take evening walks.

Friday, July 4

birthday trip through Copenhagen

celebrating the birthday of my guy today with a visit from his teenage nephew, a trip to Christiania with a picnic and a climb up into the Our Saviour Church golden tower - and hopefully a swim at Bryggen this afternoon and an outdoor jazz concert on Balder's Plads this evening with great friends and red wine! Not bad, huh?

these cinnamon swirly buns - kanelsnurrer in Danish - are my newest, lasting guilty pleasure. Recently learned that the baker, which I bike past on my way home from work, have the cinnamon buns freshly baked, warm and ready (for me) at the exact moment that I pass by ...on a 15 minute detour... yeah.

finally, I would like to note that I am not particularly nationalistic, the Danish flags are simply a Danish birthday tradition. Like presents. Or decorations. Or... I don't know, don't you do strange things for the sake of tradition?


Sunday, June 8

the insect forest

significantly creepy-crawly name for little magic spot on Kalvebod Fælled on the south of Amager in Copenhagen. Close to this otherworldly green oasis among charred tree trunks are three more little special spots, among others a stranded ark. Yep. Bring kids or playfulness. Do not let that towel confuse you with the promise of a beach close by - I was simply cold and expecting a swim at my kayaking club on Holmen in central Copenhagen later that day. Also worth a visit, though :)

Tuesday, May 6

travel diary: London

getting out of central London - except for a trip to The Hummingbird Bakery and The Topshop fast leaving us feeling like retail zombies - is a treat for those of us needing a vacation from our rolling thoughts.

on this trip, I was lucky enough to be introduced to and fall in absolute love with the northeast neighborhood, Stoke Newington. Do not in any way miss the ancient and magic Abney Park Cemetery... greenness defined! Or the people watching on the grass along with something incredibly tasty from the Broadway Market, which is open on Saturdays and so so delicious to be a part of. Not to mention bringing a bottle of self-tapped wine from the sweet guys at Borough Wines to graze around in the sun and appreciate the view out of London at the Hackney Marshes.

speaking of delicious, we were indescribably lucky to plonk ourselves exhausted onto those BEAUtiful chairs at south american café and restaurant and home-of-incredibly-nice-people-and-guitar-music-and-salsa-dancing Candela Clapton! Ceviche and nachos and fresh salmon and inspiringly crafted cocktails and deserts and... damn. I get exhausted and hungry just considering getting started on describing the everchanging brunch menu at 3Course to you.

Oh, and finally for a dose of free culture, visit The Photographers' Gallery in Soho for impressively well curated small exhibitions.

Any questions, let me know and I will ask my local consultant :)

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