Sunday, March 31

milk & cookies

lately, I've been lustily eyeing the packet of belgian bastogne bisquits in the line at my local supermarket. the organic-hipster part of me refused to give in, though, so when I realised that it was possible to bake them deliciously myself, my ego practically overflowed with self satisfaction. my on-the-road-to-great-things man friend will get to test them with coffee tomorrow   


har stået og smilet kælent til bastognekiks de seneste par uger i køen i netto. men jeg ville alligevel ikke gi efter, hvilket ret sandsynligt har noget at gøre med den del af mig, der kan finde på at identificere sig som storbybonderøv. hvis du tænker hipster plus søde Frank fra Bonderøven, så er du nok ikke langt fra. den del af mig flød til gengæld over af selvtilfredshed, da det gik op for mig at man kunne bage dem så fint selv. dem skal min fynske mandeven ha til eftermiddagskaffen i morgen 

come see about me

one thing that is amazingly good, and practically impossible to do when travelling: playing records on sundays. and stubbornly choosing The Supremes, my mom's record and the soundtrack of my childhood, after the very stoned record store guy blandly told me to go look for Edith Piaf (another record off the childhood soundtrack) in a second hand shop instead

Friday, March 29

joy pile

taking a well-deserved break from thesis writing by camping out in front of our too-summer house-to-be-true fire with some magazines and the determination to only use my sweet computer to decide how to travel to this Summer's three weddings and catch up with my favorite blogs.


en veninde erklærede det for en velfortjent specialebreak, da jeg campede foran vores alt for gode brændeovn sammen med blade, min fine computer, rejseplaner for sommerens tre bryllupper og alle mine yndlingsblogs.

Thursday, March 28

everything is going to be okay

Bianco Necklace / h&m zip dress / Monki sweater

so now I've also been to an electronic concert wearing a sweater. it went really well, I can report. we saw Umberto at a lovely laid back place called Huset and he did not look up a single time. then again, it may have been hard to tell because of his curlyboy afro.

Wednesday, March 27

ferry ride

taking a shimmering ferry ride to visit my parents and a furry, blonde friend, who resembles several different types of animals, more than an actual person.

Monday, March 25

maybe this time it will be different

tumblr, fanpop, tvrage, tvequals

of all possible inspirational muses, karen and her (stylist's) undeniable sense for putting together maxiskirts, vests, worn to death t-shirts, denim, military jackets and perfect wood creature feral hair has been floating around my mind the longest. it may have something to do with her being worshipped by hank moody. yeah, I'm aware that these people are fictional, but quite a few good things in life are

Friday, March 15

hard thesis work

these days, I'm working on my thesis for Experience Economy at Aarhus University. It can be hard, lonely work. But sometimes it's all colourful creativity and collaborating with bright people in building strategic solutions out of play dough.

Sunday, March 10


 one deliciously fresh smoothie. one huge mess

enough for two
two slices of pineapple
one apple
1/2 lime incl. lime flesh
a tablespoon of flaxseed oil
two cups of orange juice
coconut milk to taste


nok til to
to skiver ananas
et æble
1/2 lime incl. limekød
en spiseske hørfrøolie
to kopper appelsinjuice