Sunday, May 12

blog tribute: fashiontoast

it will be no secret that my top blog crush lies with Rumi Neely at fashiontoast and has done for years. These shots are pretty much a summary of the outfits that caught my attention and ended up on me from 2008 to now. We share a love of head decorations, indians, animal references and white flowy dresses. Rumi's dryly, sarcastically, self-ironically funny in a wierdly Scandinavian way, and Colin's photos of her are gorgeously lit and located. Her personal, minimalistic style inspires you to the point of going to Zara or h&m or eBay to look for something similar that will not appear until a year later and both Rumi and yourself have moved on to your next favorite mood expression possibilities. I say mood expression, because that's how I dress. And that's how Rumi dresses (knowing that practically makes me a stalker to the untrained eye, I guess). That plus whatever's at the top of the pile. And that's what makes style personal - when it communicates both to yourself and to the world, who you are today. Take a look and see if you can relate.

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  1. This is so so sweet, thank you! Weirdly Scandinavian, I'll take it! Lol.



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