Sunday, June 9


my experience economic heart skipped a beat stepping through the door, and a new friend understandingly noted 'welcome home'. Fika is cute, organic, great-priced, delicious and all-smiles service even in the afternoon. Exploring all the personality oozing decoration choices, while waiting for my order only made me love the place even more. I'll be coming back. With me, on the train back to Copenhagen, I brought an incredibly fresh mixed salad with green olives, tomato and mozarella, beetroot, edamame beens and a perfectly salty vegetable steak. Yum.

traveller's guide: the word 'fika' is swedish. it may be my favorite swedish word. you go fika. you can also have a fika. it means 'to have a little break with a coffee and maybe a toasted goatcheese and honey sandwich, a choklad bulle or a cinnamon bun'. that would be my translation :) Now, go fika.

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