Thursday, April 18

ode to a butter scone

recently moved to Copenhagen, I fell in love with the RvH scones sold at their bakery shop in Magasin. On my way home from my internship, I would fantasize about these babies. Then RvH closed their Magasin branch! I missed the perfect taste of their buttery scones for months (too lazy to bike to the other branch). Then I realised that the little pieces of buttery heaven were man-made, looked them up online and found a recipe that ends up very close to that of my beloved butter buns. Feel free to cut them in half after baking and add extra butter.

about 15 scones
500 grams of flour
73 g of sugar
5 g of salt
20 g of baking powder
160 g of soft butter
3 cups of buttermilk (/3,2 decilitres)

Thoroughly mix dry ingredients to even out the baking powder, before adding butter and buttermilk. Roll the dough into a salami shape and slice up into scones. Bake at top of oven at 220°C for 10-12 minutes or until they look delicious.


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