Saturday, June 29

sota sushi

Above photos are my own, but I missed a shot of the actual gorgeous restaurant. This final one is from Sota's facebook.
Went for a weekend in sweet home Aarhus (get the clever country wordplay) to celebrate my thesis graduation with a pretty incredible man and the best company a girl could ask for in the form of friends. The celebrations mainly included food, actually. And a lot of smiles. Late night tapas. Then brunch. Then italian ice cream from dolce vita. And then - the final masterpiece - Sota sushi bar in Vestergade. A mohito lemonade, crispy ebi uramaki (rolls of crispy fried shrimp with spicy mayo), salmon nigiri that melts on your tongue and the country's best spicy miso sauce for dipping salty, lemony edamame beans. This is the place to try sushi for the first time, I'd say. And then this level of quality becomes addiction.

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