Friday, July 5

basil risotto

for two people, you need
one red onion
one/two cloves of fresh garlic
two tablespoons of olive oil
200g of arborio risotto rice
a glass of white wine
half a litre of vegetable bouillon
salt & pepper
a big cup of parmesan cheese
a handful of fresh basil

fry the onion and garlic in the oil
add the rice and stir for one or two minutes
pour in the white wine
add half the bouillon and stir
stay with the risotto and stir in more bouillon, 
when the risotto rice need it.
you should end up with a risotto texture that will flow like lava from a little mountain on the plate :)

before serving, add your parmesan cheese and basil
let the risotto rest under a lid for two minutes

serve with
fresh roasted chicken, summer tomatoes and the rest of the white wine

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