Saturday, July 27

travel diary: Dublin & Galway

the best tip, I can give for travelling in incredible Ireland, is to go straight to Galway on the West coast when arriving in Dublin. Sorry to say it, Dublin, but you suck. And I'm not picky when it comes to cities, I'll tell ya. The Generator Hostel in Dublin was inspiringly decorated, and I had fun photographing derelict buildings, but then again - there's only so much you can do in a grey city, when you're working on a youth hostel breakfast that was included in the room price... Galway, on the other hand, is the epitomy of a cozy, gorgeous, kind hearted travel MUST! All wee did was lounge around warm Bed&Breakfasts, drink coffee, find shelter from twenty minute summer rain storms, explore the beautiful little shops (how awesome are those store fronts!) and drink Crabbies Ginger Beer and Smithwick pints in pubs like true Irishmen.

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