Friday, August 23

singapore street food

Food photos:
Singapore Street Food Festival was apparently the most popular event to start off Copenhagen Cooking, Scandinavia's biggest food festival. Overrun and overpriced, but absolutely delicious! A friend and I caught little trays of beautiful swordfish in soy and sesame oil garnished with fresh greens, chilli and fried Rice Crispies... And attempted to fill our starving stomachs with a dish of noodles, squid and shrimp in the most fragrant stock sauce. I was excited by the simple gift of colorful micro cookies, we were served while waiting in line. The Singapore Street Food festival continues until Sunday and is worth a visit regardless of what I said before - because of the beautiful food, the sunshine and the particular, typically Danish, shared feeling of being offended by having to wait in line for more than 10 minutes.

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