Friday, September 27

autumn picnic

found a spot in the sun at Amager beach park and enjoyed treats from Wulff & Konstali

this break with my girls was a much needed motivational infusion after receiving yet another rejection from a company that I really wanted to work with, Kilroy. I was in the Top 3 for a marketing internship position. No, I am in no way too fancy to work for free in the bottom of the hierarchy, but when there's sharp competition even for that... Reminds me of the time that I had to take two intelligence tests, fill out a personality questionnaire and attend two interviews for a student position with Maersk, which I in the end got a standard English languaged rejection email for after being in the Top 2. And there was no possible way of getting in contact with the people, who were now holding enough of my written personality to apply for Mensa and Elite Daters on my behalf. Not applying there again. I guess the next step for me, is to stop whining, kick my own ass and take a new approach towards the dream job.

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