Sunday, September 1

the sour dough bread

I'm so unemployed that I started experimenting with sour dough. Picture sour dough as a needy Tamagotchi that you have to feed and take for walks all the time. This week, I baked corn bread, italian biscotti, rye bread, the most mouthwatering caramel cinnamon buns, brownies and this lovely bread thing and may open up a bakery shop soon, if nothing else comes around.

you need
120g of sour dough
250g of wheat flour
50g of whole grain wheat flour
1,5dl of water
5g fresh yeast
two teaspoons of salt

mix all ingredients and run the whole beautiful thing on a kitchen mixer for up to 20 minutes or until you can pull the dough paper thin without it breaking. Grease the bowl with oil and leave your dough in the fridge for 24 hours.

after a good nights sleep (especially if you decide to do this without a kitchen mixer), take out the dough and leave it on the kitchen table for 3 hours. It needs to get used to the temperature, and is obviously a bitchy little demanding thing.

finally (finally!), pour your bitchy dough out onto a table area covered in flour, fold it once across itself, and bake on an oily oven plate at 250 degrees for 20 minutes, or until it looks delicious.


danish recipe by Bo Bech here

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