Tuesday, October 8

rysteribs + buttermilk pancakes

shaken red currants 
this super easy, tongue popping, shiny red berry dream is apparently something most danes remember from a childhood of visiting grandparents in the countryside. I only just tried it yesterday, but it was so good.

you need
two or three big handfuls of fresh red currants ('ribs' in Danish)
cane sugar to taste

layer the berries with cane sugar in between each layer in a clean glass jar. When the jar is full, simply shake it like a polaroid picture ...sorry, couldn't help it... and leave to cool and juice down in the fridge. Or eat it all on yoghurt with crunchy granola or freshly made buttermilk pancakes on a monday morning.

buttermilk spelt pancakes 
these will never go wrong. I promise. They are even easy to flip on the pan.

you need
2,5 deciliters of buttermilk
100g of wholegrain spelt flour
100g of wheat flour
1 teaspoon of baking powder

whisk everything together and leave to react for 10 minutes. Fry two or three at a time in a mix of oil and butter on a hot pan. You will know that the pancakes are ready for flipping, when the surface is covered in bubbles.

Have a great week!

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