Sunday, March 30

escaping the perfectionist

a few times while travelling, I experienced how now feels. For me, it is a sense of chilling connection to everything around me that I can observe, fascinated, for a little while. Everything may not be good, but everything is as it is supposed to be… I am where I am supposed to be. It is not about being in the perfect place, because I remember experiencing this alone in a hammock in tiny Chichiriviche and on a crowded bus ride from Hanauma Bay with a friend. Rather, it is about presence.

Caribbean coast towns in Venezuela and snorkeling spots in Hawaii will most likely sound like the pretty perfect places to feel great. But honestly, looking back at these travels, I remember feeling distracted and lonely most of the time. Ungrateful for the indescribable luxury of travelling and most often unable to appreciate the now.

the perfectionist in me has worked towards top grades and personal optimisation, it helps me achieve goals and solve problems. But the striving, the checked to-do lists and self surveillance have driven me to travel to the other side of the planet to escape myself.

the thought behind this blog was to build something graspable reminding me to live where I am. And the hope of inspiring someone, who needs it. It may sound simple, but for me living where I am has been and still can be really challenging.
It is a process, a travel home.

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