Tuesday, May 6

travel diary: London

getting out of central London - except for a trip to The Hummingbird Bakery and The Topshop fast leaving us feeling like retail zombies - is a treat for those of us needing a vacation from our rolling thoughts.

on this trip, I was lucky enough to be introduced to and fall in absolute love with the northeast neighborhood, Stoke Newington. Do not in any way miss the ancient and magic Abney Park Cemetery... greenness defined! Or the people watching on the grass along with something incredibly tasty from the Broadway Market, which is open on Saturdays and so so delicious to be a part of. Not to mention bringing a bottle of self-tapped wine from the sweet guys at Borough Wines to graze around in the sun and appreciate the view out of London at the Hackney Marshes.

speaking of delicious, we were indescribably lucky to plonk ourselves exhausted onto those BEAUtiful chairs at south american café and restaurant and home-of-incredibly-nice-people-and-guitar-music-and-salsa-dancing Candela Clapton! Ceviche and nachos and fresh salmon and inspiringly crafted cocktails and deserts and... damn. I get exhausted and hungry just considering getting started on describing the everchanging brunch menu at 3Course to you.

Oh, and finally for a dose of free culture, visit The Photographers' Gallery in Soho for impressively well curated small exhibitions.

Any questions, let me know and I will ask my local consultant :)

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