Friday, July 4

birthday trip through Copenhagen

celebrating the birthday of my guy today with a visit from his teenage nephew, a trip to Christiania with a picnic and a climb up into the Our Saviour Church golden tower - and hopefully a swim at Bryggen this afternoon and an outdoor jazz concert on Balder's Plads this evening with great friends and red wine! Not bad, huh?

these cinnamon swirly buns - kanelsnurrer in Danish - are my newest, lasting guilty pleasure. Recently learned that the baker, which I bike past on my way home from work, have the cinnamon buns freshly baked, warm and ready (for me) at the exact moment that I pass by ...on a 15 minute detour... yeah.

finally, I would like to note that the Danish flags are a Danish birthday tradition. Like presents. Or decorations. Or... I don't know, don't you do strange things for the sake of tradition?


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