Sunday, August 17

travel diary: the stockholm archipelago

soo, lost natural paradise, anyone? We lived cheap and insanely comfortably with this awesome guy and two cats, here. We hung around reading books, eating simply, swimming from the little dock and looking at the forest. We went biking to the beach, Lille Sand on Ingarö, where we chose to camp on the rocks and swim from there, instead of sharing the beach with all the little families. It is easier to swim from rocks, than you would think. We took a ferry to Sandhamn, where we found a time pocket of Sweden as it used to be. Walking through the forest to the little beach community of Trouville. Swimming from the cliffs on the very outer part of Skärgården right on the Eastern Sea. Strawberries sold by girls in the street. Red and white houses in the hills with swing sets and views of the ocean. Sailing home in the sunset, I recognised the feeling of home that Sweden leaves on me. And then of course, on the last morning, we woke up to a visit from a family of deer. Hanging in our forest backyard, nibbling on moss. Most definitely going back to bliss.

Saturday, August 9

one of those people, who...

do you know the feeling of wanting to be one of those people, who do this and that awesome thing? I have that. I am pretty sure that my choice to give attention to this superficial outer perspective on myself brings me out of the moment, but I also have that joyful rush when I suddenly realise that I am one of those people, who... You can call it a guilty pleasure.

I am one of those people, who
...get manic, childish highs from swimming at sunset.
...go to summer houses with friends. improvised ballet, when my boyfriend isn't home.

I want to be one of those people, who
...go on spontaneous road trips into nature.
...take evening walks.