Sunday, February 8

travel guide: tel aviv

watched sunsets at Gordon beach / Surfed perfect beginner's waves with all-day rented board and wetsuit from Topsea Surfing at 125 ISK per person / Became aware of fighter helicopters patrolling the beach / Walked along the harbor and Ha'Yarkon park / Ate twice at falafel paradise, Hakosem, on Ibn Gavriel Street / Explored old town Jaffa (Yafo) and reknowned, delicious Puaa café / Had the most incredibly fresh fish and créme brûlée at gourmet restaurant Manta Ray right on the ocean / Greedily soaked up a Guadalajara Elementary school (tequila, dark chocolate, chili) and Okiniwa Blonde (gin, tonic, flower extract) at the Old Jaffa Perfume Company / Walked the green beach boulevard in rain and shine / Had gorgeous, fresh squeezed morning juices on Dizengoff street, where we stayed cheap, small and comfortable / Said goodbye to sunsets and a beautiful, broken country of surprises.

Political afterthought: Stay updated on the conflict before you choose to go, and make an informed choice of whether to support the Israeli tourist industry, for example by watching this movie, 5 Broken Cameras