Monday, September 21

travel diary: st. ives

double heart beat inducing surfer and fishing town of St. Ives in secluded Cornwall England. Finally found my Hawaii closer than Hawaii. Oh, but the light and the food and the clear, green sea with dolphins passing by a few tanned surfers in the bay.

Live outside town and be closer to the stars at night. Maybe in a hobbit house.

Surf Porthmeor beach, where it is far easiest to rent boards and temperature appropriate wetsuits.

Eat at the beach restaurant on Porthmeor ...but deep fried mini squid, man!

At low tide, cross the empty harbour pool and find the secret paradise beach outside the harbour wall.

Have a drink - and a side of lobster roll - at the Rum & Crab Schack on the harbour.

At sunset, take a walk around the cliff separating the two beaches.


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