Monday, November 25

Sunday, November 17

casually glowing

Photos by style clever, glowing blogger model, Hanneli Mustaparta

will be attempting a whole lot of this-ing for the next few days

Wednesday, November 13

creativity takes courage

Ken Hong Leung / Nick Knight / Living on the Moon by Earth Age

these days are all about soaking in inspiration

Saturday, November 9

kalvebod fælled

the largest area of incredibly fascinating nothingness in the horizon. And sheep. 

take the metro to Vestamager and walk through the architectural wonders towards the nothing.

Friday, November 8

wishing season

( cheap flights to Paris with EasyJet / Milk Lamp by &Tradition / Wildfox Couture pink sunglasses / Kähler Omaggio medium vase / favorite L'Oreal Color Riche nail polishes / cheap baking and cookery books on Amazon )

lucky enough to have been born in November, celebrate Christmas in December, and hence, get to make wishes for two out of four of the Danish darkness months. I love wishes and keep a wishlist most of the year to make sure I remember my very most coveted ones. This year, I've been dreaming of a trip to Paris, the perfect pink sunglasses, stuff that makes you feel at home, along with the slightly nuts disco pants I've been eyeing since last winter

Monday, November 4

balcony ambition

mrkate / myasmusings / designarthouse / shelterness

these days, I am regularly woken up by three fairly heavy-set men knocking on my second floor window. They're building me a balcony, so I'm fine with it. The rest of the morning, I spend on dreaming up ambitious five year plans for balcony decoration.

Sunday, November 3

fairy lights

although pretty picky when it comes to colour, wire design and light shade, I would probably qualify as a fairy lights addict. The most recent addition being this sweetly cosy, halloweenish, bodhi leaf string of joy