Monday, September 30

needs and wants

...I need to go to the dentist.

suddenly incredibly updated on the 'new in' category on Zara, Topshop, &otherstories and Asos. A plus, when friends are looking for winter jackets as I have functioned as personal shopper twice now, and may start charging. I have also been playing around with new, fun and über materialist site Wantr, at first in order to win the shitload of money. Then because I got slightly addicted. Major site flaw - and very much appreciated - that you cannot simply press 'buy entire wish list'

Feather Mix Cape
Garfield Pink Sunglasses
Flouro Woven Duffle Backpack
Gabriele Artigas Cigar ring
Felt Fedora
Aubrey Cut Out Boots


Friday, September 27

autumn picnic

found a spot in the sun at Amager beach park and enjoyed treats from Wulff & Konstali

this break with my girls was a much needed motivational infusion after receiving yet another rejection from a company that I really wanted to work with, Kilroy. I was in the Top 3 for a marketing internship position. No, I am in no way too fancy to work for free in the bottom of the hierarchy, but when there's sharp competition even for that... Reminds me of the time that I had to take two intelligence tests, fill out a personality questionnaire and attend two interviews for a student position with Maersk, which I in the end got a standard English languaged rejection email for after being in the Top 2. And there was no possible way of getting in contact with the people, who were now holding enough of my written personality to apply for Mensa and Elite Daters on my behalf. Not applying there again. I guess the next step for me, is to stop whining, kick my own ass and take a new approach towards the dream job.

Thursday, September 19


modern version of this delicious, Danish classic that tastes as least as good as how our moms made it. 

sometimes, you need leverage for convincing man friends that the most meaningful way, they could possibly spend their day, is by drilling holes in your wall for hanging heavy things. This is it. I'll report back with the heavy hanging things. 

for two people, you need
thick slices of good, smoked bacon
one apple
one onion
one teaspoon of lemon or apple vinegar
cane sugar & sea salt

fry the bacon golden and crispy in a pan, and take it out. Cut up the apple and onion and fry them softer in the bacon grease with vinegar, sea salt and sugar. Combine and serve on a slice of toasted rye bread.

Tuesday, September 17


my skincare and hair routines are simple and worked to fit into a student budget - but that has still left room for high standards, when it comes to the effect and quality of them. No dropping your demands for clear and soft skin, healthy looking hair and no bad ingredients - because it's not necessary.

neutral face cream // 
during the past two summers and winters, this face cream has kept my skin simply healthy and soft, without any red spots to speak of. That's a pretty big achievement, especially for a product this affordable and eliminated of bad stuff. One of the clever benefits of buying very affordable moisturisers like this, is that you use enough of it... Ever thought about that? Only available in Denmark, but worth a visit :)

e-vitamin capsules // 
again, these are very affordable. When the weather changes to an extreme, hot or cold, I pierce one of these capsules and mix the e vitamin oil with my moisturiser. In the chilliest days of winter, an un-mixed capsule or two of e vitamin can work wonders on your skin.  

minirisk eye make-up remover // 
simple, cheap, effective, no bad stuff.

sephora tripple action cleansing water // 
spent some time searching for the skin tonic to rule them all. This doubles as makeup remover and even moisturises a little, apart from its actual intended essential great ability to freshen up, collect pores and prep for moisturizer. 

decubal lipid cream // 
fixes those little dry spots after a slight overdose of sunshine during the summer, or keeps hands soft throughout winter windstorms.

tresemmé heat defense and tommyguns smooth & finish cream // 
any heat defense before the blow dryer really makes a difference for your hair in the long run. Combined with a cream or (argan) oil to gather your hair tips, it's the easy and fast way to look collected, when running out the door.

marc jacobs' blush intense and mac vanilla perfumes // 
the occasional dab of great perfume. As long as you change between a few scents, and apply a bit only once in a while, you can avoid developing allergies or rashes. Perfume can annoy your skin, not only in the places where you spray directly. You are especially giving your skin the best conditions to glow, if you stick with the no-bad-stuff products for the rest of your routine.

What do you do? Any tips for me?

Sunday, September 15


this past weekend, I tried out a new role as photographer for an upcoming group of rockouts. So far, they're keeping the music to themselves and their concerts unannounced, so I cannot even give you a taste. But I so enjoyed dressing down in all black jeans, shirt and leather jacket to blend into the background and experience music through the lens. 

Thursday, September 12


Zara coat / Vintage leather belt / My dad's old tailored pants (!) / Bianco boots

machine climbing dressed like a lady. how's that for contrast.
Outfit Inspiration from September's Marie Claire Netherlands via Oraclefox

Pictures by Cat Scmidt

Sunday, September 1

the sour dough bread

I'm so unemployed that I started experimenting with sour dough. Picture sour dough as a needy Tamagotchi that you have to feed and take for walks all the time. This week, I baked corn bread, italian biscotti, rye bread, the most mouthwatering caramel cinnamon buns, brownies and this lovely bread thing and may open up a bakery shop soon, if nothing else comes around.

you need
120g of sour dough
250g of wheat flour
50g of whole grain wheat flour
1,5dl of water
5g fresh yeast
two teaspoons of salt

mix all ingredients and run the whole beautiful thing on a kitchen mixer for up to 20 minutes or until you can pull the dough paper thin without it breaking. Grease the bowl with oil and leave your dough in the fridge for 24 hours.

after a good nights sleep (especially if you decide to do this without a kitchen mixer), take out the dough and leave it on the kitchen table for 3 hours. It needs to get used to the temperature, and is obviously a bitchy little demanding thing.

finally (finally!), pour your bitchy dough out onto a table area covered in flour, fold it once across itself, and bake on an oily oven plate at 250 degrees for 20 minutes, or until it looks delicious.


danish recipe by Bo Bech here