Monday, April 29


my boyfriend had the day off, and me having loads of time due to thesis procrastination, we went to investigate Den Blå Planet (aka. The Blue Planet), the newly opened aquarium by the sea in Copenhagen. The highlights were watching the pirañas and the sea lions getting fed, but also the tornado-forming herrings and sitting on the floor like little children, looking up at the huge tank in the last photo. Mmh, pretty colours. Not as big a place as you would imagine, but bring a picnic to eat on the terrace (or save up to try the delicious looking fish&chips) and you could easily spend half a day there, just wandering around.

ps. a little tip is to buy tickets online, as you save 10% and get to walk right in, with the people standing in line sending you evil stares.

Saturday, April 27

eco garden

yet another serene place to travel to, while not in fact travelling is the organic garden, Den Økologiske Have, set in Odder on the Danish mainland. They experiment with organic farming methods, natural insect repellents (a rolled up ball of sheep's wool, how about that) and throw in an organic experience park for visitors, including an authenticity-gone-wild small barn open for petting of the horse, the rabbits, the goats and the donkey. I love rabbits. Oh, and they sell stuff like honey and flower pots. I got this cheap wooden box for our herbs back in the apartment. 

My favorite beaches surround this area too, by the way. You really should try the silky soft sand at Saksild beach or the chance of having the entire stretch of paradise to yourself in the early summer afternoons at Rude beach, climbing down through the bushes on the opposite side of the road from the local grocer.

fru møllers mølleri

Friday, April 19


my beautiful friend (another wood creature haired lady, actually), who starts with a T, has the most stylish and cozy home, filled with art prints, second hand furniture, bright colours and travel finds from India. The kind of home that makes you want to buy a cup, simply because it would bring your own home one step closer to hers :) The same thing happens, when I feel like buying a crisp, white t-shirt, simply because that would bring me one step closer to joining the people in the clothes ad in their sunny Paris bike ride / picnic in the woods with best friends and boyfriends / bare leg-swinging from small bridges over streams. You really got me there, H&M. Rambling. I want this cup.

Thursday, April 18

ode to a butter scone

recently moved to Copenhagen, I fell in love with the RvH scones sold at their bakery shop in Magasin. On my way home from my internship, I would fantasize about these babies. Then RvH closed their Magasin branch! I missed the perfect taste of their buttery scones for months (too lazy to bike to the other branch). Then I realised that the little pieces of buttery heaven were man-made, looked them up online and found a recipe that ends up very close to that of my beloved butter buns. Feel free to cut them in half after baking and add extra butter.

about 15 scones
500 grams of flour
73 g of sugar
5 g of salt
20 g of baking powder
160 g of soft butter
3 cups of buttermilk (/3,2 decilitres)

Thoroughly mix dry ingredients to even out the baking powder, before adding butter and buttermilk. Roll the dough into a salami shape and slice up into scones. Bake at top of oven at 220°C for 10-12 minutes or until they look delicious.


Saturday, April 13

travel diary: Barcelona (two)

a few mood shots of the courtyard of Pension Mari-Luz, another trip to the Mercat de la Boqueria, a re-visit to a gorgeous but crowded Parc Güell and playing around a side street with much personality for a break and a photo op.

Wednesday, April 10

my camera

my dear camera, Olympus E-P3 from the PEN series. This means that it combines a good lens with the size (almost) of a digital camera. So I actually end up bringing it places.

Tuesday, April 9

travel diary: Barcelona (one)

my catalan lover, Barcelona, had us landing in a happy daze of warm, heavy night air and a morning of enthusiastically putting on shorts and jumping out onto the balcony (!). Decided on a little coverage in the shape of our matching friendship sweaters, and ended up carrying them around the rest of the day. Can't believe we got to laze around at the beach in the beginning of April. Before that, we walked around the old, narrow streets of the Barri Gotic area where we lived. And after, we splurged on cheese, sausages, olives, strawberries and fresh juices at let's-buy-extra-cheese-low prices at the Mercat de la Boqueria. Met up with a warmhearted friend, who showed us the incredible view from Montjuïc mountain. Reminded me of the view from Sacre Coeur in Paris. When evening settled around us, we had the most delicious tapas and sangria at Taller de Tapas outside on the cozy Plaza del Pi.