Friday, August 30


a trip to Tivoli for a lonely stroll and a dose of sparkling lights

Thursday, August 29

the artichoke dip

this thing is so dreamily tasty that it makes you want to experiment with larger amounts of mayo.

you need
6-8 chopped up artichoke hearts
a large handful of grated parmesan cheese
a cup of skyr or greek yoghurt
a splash of mayo

mix and heat until golden

Tuesday, August 27

fried noodles and shrimp

an attempt at recreating this little noodle thing with the twist that there's actually enough.

you need
1 red onion, chopped
2 cloves of garlic, grated
a tablespoon or two of fish sauce
half a tablespoon of soy sauce
vanamei shrimp
1 red pepper
cooked egg noodles
3 eggs

fry the onion and garlic in oil, adding fish sauce and soy when the onion is clear. 
fry the shrimp a little a take them out of the pan.
fry the eggs in the remaining sauce and mix with the cooked noodles.
finally, add the shrimp, the red pepper and heat everything.

sprinkle with sesame seeds and peanuts
and maybe a few drops of lime juice

Saturday, August 24

sønderjysk kaffebord

a surprisingly overlooked event at Copenhagen Cooking was Sønderjysk Kaffebord - roughly translated to Southern Danish Cake Extravaganza - in the Royal Library Garden (a well kept secret hangout during crowded city days). Soooooo good! And at a great price, even. The team behind the event usually drives around the southern parts of the country offering this cake heaven as a way to attract tourism in the area. A tasty way. Diving in on an empty stomach might have been too daring, though, as I was flying on a sugar caffeine high for 5 hours.

Friday, August 23

singapore street food

Food photos:
Singapore Street Food Festival was apparently the most popular event to start off Copenhagen Cooking, Scandinavia's biggest food festival. Overrun and overpriced, but absolutely delicious! A friend and I caught little trays of beautiful swordfish in soy and sesame oil garnished with fresh greens, chilli and fried Rice Crispies... And attempted to fill our starving stomachs with a dish of noodles, squid and shrimp in the most fragrant stock sauce. I was excited by the simple gift of colorful micro cookies, we were served while waiting in line. The Singapore Street Food festival continues until Sunday and is worth a visit regardless of what I said before - because of the beautiful food, the sunshine and the particular, typically Danish, shared feeling of being offended by having to wait in line for more than 10 minutes.

Tuesday, August 20


half an hour from Copenhagen by train is Malmö. Just a short trip to Sweden across the bridge and you have this beautiful city, which to me seemed one part Aarhus and one part Stockholm in a great mix. Might have been due to all the swedishness, fika opportunities and kanelbullar. We went for the Cult of Luna show at the weeklong, free Malmö festival, but it seemed that we could just as well have gone for the (magazine) shopping, food tasting and simple city strolling. So cozy!

Monday, August 19

bags for work

a friend of mine reminded me of that feeling of going to work with a bag that just isn't you - or with a bag that is so you that your colleagues just don't get it. Therefore, the search for good bags that balance out personality with some degree of professionalism.

Sunday, August 11

henrik ♥ stine

romantically goofy, gorgeous and delicious last summer wedding at Varna in the Aarhus forests, laughing with friends all the way through. So much love...


Thursday, August 8


yet another surprise from my hometown, Wild Wild Horsens: Community Swings! Saw them a few years ago at Roskilde Festival, but it is so nice to see how 'reality' really makes them shine. I mean, anyone will do anything at Roskilde, whereas inspiring people of all ages to play in the streets is the true glory of this idea. The swings play the prettiest tunes, when they're all in use and people can't help joining to see what will happen. Social experience value for the win! Sorry for the swing-y pictures, but you know, when in Rome...

urban green house

experience economic shout out to the creativity growing in downtown Horsens, where I grew up. Today, my dad and I picked up ice cream from beloved ParadisIs to catch up with this year's shortage in ice cream intake. And we saw these green little hang outs! How excited was I! Experience economic geniality in the middle of a pretty non-destinct street. Love creative, meaningful surprises like that.