Sunday, April 19

copenhagen must: cherry blossom avenue

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this weekend's must in Copenhagen: visit the cherry blossom avenue at Bispebjerg Cemetery. Find the pink glory - and herds of fellow Instagrammers (top tip: just don't and enjoy) - by the South Chapel. Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 6

living architecture book: Henne Kirkeby Kro restaurant & inn

in time for Scandinavia's most beautiful season, Danish landmark restaurant and inn, Henne Kirkeby Kro, launched their gorgeous living architecture book. And they were nice enough to invite yours truly around for the launch and send over a copy for me to eye munch during golden hour on my balcony. Thank you. My experience economic self deeply likes the idea of presenting such a sensual luxury experience in visually full and alluring book shape. I might have printed the book in a slightly more pleasing touchable and holdable format, and gone for even more of those deliciously satisfying full page photos by more than talented architecture art photographer, Per Nagel. But I mean, can you not just taste this landscape...