Saturday, June 29

sota sushi

Above photos are my own, but I missed a shot of the actual gorgeous restaurant. This final one is from Sota's facebook.
Went for a weekend in sweet home Aarhus (get the clever country wordplay) to celebrate my thesis graduation with a pretty incredible man and the best company a girl could ask for in the form of friends. The celebrations mainly included food, actually. And a lot of smiles. Late night tapas. Then brunch. Then italian ice cream from dolce vita. And then - the final masterpiece - Sota sushi bar in Vestergade. A mohito lemonade, crispy ebi uramaki (rolls of crispy fried shrimp with spicy mayo), salmon nigiri that melts on your tongue and the country's best spicy miso sauce for dipping salty, lemony edamame beans. This is the place to try sushi for the first time, I'd say. And then this level of quality becomes addiction.

Saturday, June 22

morten ♥ molly

dressed up and went to the most romantic wedding, anyone could ever imagine. So many happy people wanting to dance under the rain! Such an amount of delicious cakes, I can't even begin to describe them all. Alright. Chocolate covered truffle bar. Little Sarah Bernards. White chocolate/raspberry Sarah Bernards. The rhubarb crumble/lime pudding was so mouthwateringly different. And who wouldn't fight to the death in a space battle for that wedding cake decoration? To suit the tent, joy and occasion, I dressed up as a neurotic circus princess. And cried my eyes out.


gorgeous views in Mols Bjerge (translates to Mols Mountains, but not really), preserved ancient landscape, lemonade, the best vingummi I ever tasted, picnic with my sweet parents, dosing in the flowering grass and then the sun broke through.


gorgeous little cobblestoned town close to Aarhus - with delicious treats, cozy backyards and a cute toy store

Friday, June 21

dream boat

havana soft leather espadrilles / h&m boyfriend jeans / Monki sweater / h&m sunglasses / american apparel neon nail polish
sweet childhood memories of runny, delicious ice creams at Juelsminde boat harbor (Danish harbor of the year 2012, actually), making up stories with my dad of how we could own a boat instead of a house. This time, I had THE ICECREAM TO RULE THEM ALL, or that's how I would name it: Mascarpone ice cream with lemon and lime swirls. Simply and surprisingly the best combination of sweet and zingy, creamy soft and light sorbet. Topped up with pink guf, and I cannot imagine a day that you would offer me this and I would refuse...

art exhibit: David

Coolest Artist Award + Best flyer 2013
Strong, inspiring art exhibit this afternoon at creative hub Godsbanen in Aarhus

the elderflower project

elderflower mixture

1 litre boiling water
500g of sugar dissolved in the water
a small bag of fresh picked wild elderflowers
slices of a lemon

mix everything
allow to cool
put in your mom's fridge
and ask her to stir it every day
until you return four days later
freeze into ice cubes / or store in meticulously clean glass bottles

Thursday, June 20

art: sculpture by the sea

an inspiring day at work at the art festival, Sculpture by the Sea in Aarhus. every day working should include sunshine, art, good food and great company!